Your Guide To Wedding Stationery

This is your big announcement, so how do you want to say it? Exactly what stationery will you need? What should you write? How many should you order? We’ve created this guide to help you with those decisions and of course you can just talk it through with us too.

First things first…

It helps to set your budget off the bat. Once you know how much you’ve got to play with you can decide which elements you actually need and those that are a nice (but not essential) touch. Our price guide here will help you plan this. When working out quantities a good rule of thumb for save the date cards, invitations etc is 55% of your total guest number (i.e one invitation per household, not one invitation per guest).

Next… Here’s the stationery to consider:


Save The Date Cards 115mm x 115mm comes with matching envelope
These can go out up to a year ahead of the big day. They are an especially good idea if your wedding is at a time of year when people tend to go away – Easter, mid-summer, Christmas. Also if you’re marrying overseas or have international guests you’ll need to give them time to make travel arrangements and plan their trip (and bikini diets). Besides, Save The Date cards are exciting and fun! Ideally they would be styled with the rest of your wedding stationery, but they don’t have to. Each of our ranges comes with a matching Save The Date card

Day Invitations 175mm x 125mm, comes with matching envelope
Your wedding invitations are the main event of your wedding stationery and your guests’ first impression of the feel of your celebration. Will it be a whimsical coastal splash, a happy romp in the country, a cool vintage wedding or ooze classic sophistication. The style of your invitation tells everyone what to expect and get your guests in the right anticipatory mood. We can work with you to help you choose and convey just the feel you’re after and invite you to browse our collections which have a selection of moods and palettes. We have a bespoke design service too if you’d like us to create something just for you. Invitations are traditionally sent by the bride’s parents, sometimes the grooms’ and increasingly by the couples themselves. For civil partnerships it’s mostly the couples who do the inviting. Invitations are typically used to invite guests to both the ceremony and the evening celebration. Generally invitations are posted between two and four months before the date of your wedding, longer if you’re getting married abroad or have guests coming from overseas. Unless your wedding is as much a surprise to you as your guests, invitations shouldn’t go out any later than six weeks before the day!

Evening Invitations 175mm x 125mm, comes with matching envelope
If you’re having an intimate wedding but would like to include your larger circle of friends and family in the evening celebration, you’ll need separate evening invitations. Ideally evening invitations should match the rest of your wedding stationery. They are usually the same size as the day invitations, though occasionally smaller. It’s best to send the day and evening invitations out at the same time, so that your RSVP’s all come back roughly at once too and you’re able to firm numbers and confirm arrangements.

RSVP Cards 105 x 148 mm comes with matching envelope
Including RSVP cards with your day and evening invitations gives your guests an elegant and easy way to respond. Even easier is to choose the option for printed envelopes at a small extra cost that has the return address printed and ready to go. All your guest has to do is say yay or nay, lick a stamp and you’re set. You can also use them as a chance to check on dietary requests. Our wording guide explains more.

Details Cards Large:175mm x 125mm, small: 105 x 148 mm Both with matching envelopes
Details cards are hugely useful for all the practical information that your guests will need. Accommodation, maps, directions to the ceremony and reception, wedding lists etc – all the vital detail that’s tricky to fit aesthetically on the main invitation belong here.


Order of Service booklet/flat cards 210mm x 148mm, folded size or finished flat card. The order of service are handed out at the religious ceremony – whether at a church or other venue. These are usually folded cards with a paper insert with details of the running order of the service including hymns, music and readings – to help your guests follow the service. Your minister or priest will often advise you on the layout style to suit the service. Traditionally the front of the card has the name of the couple, the church or ceremony venue and the wedding date.

We can print the cover section of the booklet in luxurious letterpress to match the look and feel of your stationery. The inner text pages can either be digitally printed in a similar style and matching paper – the inserts are priced separately depending on the number of pages required.

Order of Service flat cards Alternatively, these more simple flat cards give your guests the running order of the service without words of hymns or readings. This can then be read in conjunction with prayer or hymn book. It’s a cost-effective alternative to a full Order of Service booklet.

Menus To order. Any size up to 210mm x 148mm
We can of course do these for you as a lovely touch to the table. Just ask for a quote. It’s common for your venue to organize these for you so do check with them too.

Name Place Cards Tent cards 50mm x 100mm finished size or to order.
Again we can design these personally for you in a style and size of your choosing, to continue the theme of your wedding stationery through to the day. It’s a beautiful touch.


Thank You Cards 105 x 148mm with matching envelope
Of course. Of course. Of course.
Right? Right.