About Letterpress

Letterpress is the oldest type of printing around. It’s a time consuming and precise mastercraft which requires experience and great skill to execute. With it comes the exquisite result you’d expect of an artisan technique. In fact we think our letterpress is a work of art.

Our Heidelberg platen was built in the 1960s. It’s a well-oiled precision piece of engineering which, in the right hands, can print beautifully crafted stationery in a style that just cannot be achieved by modern-day print processes. The press literally pushes the ink onto the paper with just enough pressure to leave a really tactile impression. It’s this beautiful textured almost 3D effect of letterpress is what makes it so sought after by designers, graphic artists and those with a discerning eye.

We print on the finest British made artisan papers and boards, soft to the touch and chosen to hold our impressions perfectly. Hand mixed inks enhance the detail of each printed piece. Every part of the production process is precise and hand-crafted. The result is beautiful tactile stationery that has to be seen and touched to be truly appreciated.

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A Modern Twist

Our modern letterpress is bang up to date. We don’t use metal or wood moveable type as with letterpress printing of old, it’s too restrictive for modern design – instead we combine great technology with a traditional craft to create beautiful results. We create our artwork on Apple Macs with the latest Adobe software. From these files we make photo-polymer plates, one for each colour or impression that’s needed. The plates are used on the press in place of moveable type, they hold fine detail and can print with a deep impression and give us all the potential of exquisite design.

If you’d like to see what letterpress is like, let us send you some examples…