About Uncommon Press

A Heidelberg Windmill resides splendidly in the Uncommon Press studio, and in our opinion is capable of the finest letterpress print known to man.  As of Summer 2016 there are also an Arab treadle-platen, and a Vandercook (also both fabulous letterpress machines) amongst the other gizmos and odd contraptions that make up our studio. With these fine machines we print stationery, be it for weddings, personal or business; splendid cards, random genius and…. well, things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Like you, we care about things, believe in looking after our planet and supporting home grown businesses. We use environmentally friendly inks, print on artisan papers made by fine British paper mills. Most of our papers and boards are made from 100% cotton, so they’re tree-free. Our packaging materials are not just recyclable, they’re nearly all made from cellulose or cornstarch so you can even compost them!

We also love things to be beautiful and finely made and seek out the best designers to work with. We collaborate with other skilled crafts-people and makers. We believe in sharing knowledge and ideas. If you want to work with us or have an idea, drop us a line.

KEVIN HAGGER started his life in print as an apprentice, and since qualifying as a print-maker in hasn’t looked back. A highly skilled craftsmen with a broad knowledge of all things print, Kevin works with precision and an eagle-eye for detail which means your stationery is beautifully crafted and in safe hands at every step.

Florence our adorable letterpress studio assistant
FLORENCE is our mostly inept, but always keen, assistant. Her four paws and big waggy tail make her great company in the studio but quite frankly fairly hopeless at anything to do with printing. She makes the odd appearance on our Facebook page too. What sort of dog is Florence? She’s a 5 year old Wire-haired Vizsla.